Yvette's speech in debate on refugee crisis

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper MP speech in debate on Britain's response to the refugee crisis:

Yvette Cooper: The Prime Minister needs to show leadership of what must become a national mission to help many more Syrian refugees

Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to the Prime Minister’s announcement that he would expand the Government programme to resettle vulnerable Syrian refugees, said:

Yvette Cooper challenges David Cameron on failure to act on refugee crisis

This evening, Yvette Cooper has written to David Cameron challenging him on his failure to act on the refugee crisis:   Dear Prime Minister I am writing to you in response to your statement on the escalating refugee crisis in Europe, and in particular that you do not believe it would be right for Britain to take more refugees.

Speech: The European Refugee Crisis

Today, Yvette is giving a speech on the European Refugee crisis. See the full text below:

Yvette - Cameron needs to stop the dishonesty over his failed immigration target

Yvette responds to today's net migration figures:

Yvette's plan for 'a new politics in a modern age'

Yvette is setting out plans to introduce a new politics that is more relevant to people's lives. 

Karin Smyth MP: Lots of undecided voters were won over to Yvette at our Bristol Q&A

The General Election left the south-west of England with only four Labour MPs across its 55 seats; as Yvette Cooper told a packed hall in Bristol last week, the need for a “radical and credible” alternative to the Tories is desperately needed here.

Yvette's interview in the Telegraph

There's a great interview with Yvette in the Telegraph today where she discusses the General Election, her plan to get Labour back to power, and the leadership election more broadly. Read it in full here:

Yvette: "David Cameron has betrayed a generation on climate change"

Today, Yvette will attack David Cameron's record on climate change, and set out her own six-point plan. You can read more here:

Response to Andy Burnham letter

Yvette has been in the South West today talking to members about the future of the Party and how Labour win again. She has been clear the fight for our Party is not over. Thousands of members have yet to even receive their ballot - and so it's wrong for people to write off this election or to be planning for a time after September 12. The Labour Party has to do strong checks and follow up any evidence of people who do not support the Labour Party trying to vote in this election. But Yvette is focusing on winning arguments and votes not legal challenges. Yvette will continue to fight for every vote in this election - because there is so much at stake for the Labour Party and the country.