Yvette's plan for 'a new politics in a modern age'

Yvette is setting out plans to introduce a new politics that is more relevant to people's lives. 

This leadership contest has brought a new energy to the Labour movement and we must harness that determination and channel it into opposing and fighting the Tories from day one.

A huge amount of that energy is coming from young people, whose voices have not been properly heard for far too long. It is clear people want to see a new kind of politics, one that represents them and one they can relate to.

That means providing a radical and credible alternative to the Tories. It also means changing the process of politics itself, so people have more power and Parliament no longer appears like a closed off gentlemen's club. It's our responsibility to change that perception and make politics work in the modern age.

As I have made clear throughout the leadership campaign, Parliament should look like the country it represents and we have a lot of work to do to make that a reality.

That's why I've set out plans to introduce a new shadow cabinet position to represent the interests of young people, and to increase the number of women, people from BME communities, disabled people and young people putting themselves forward as candidates, not just in Parliament but in local government as well."

Too many people are put off by some of the outdated and staid traditions at Westminster and say we need to do more to attract people from a wider range of backgrounds - including more women, more people from BAME communities and more disabled candidates.

This leadership campaign has brought a new energy to the left and that steps must be taken to retain this and channel it towards defeating the Tories. Labour should not be content with shouting from the sidelines - we need to be in government changing people's lives.

Young people's voices have not been heard loudly enough in recent years. They are being hit hardest by the Tories’ spending cuts yet they are not consulted or able to shape the Labour policies that could make a huge difference to their future.

I would introduce a new shadow cabinet position - shadow minister for young people. This role will have responsibility for ensuring young people's interests are reflected in Labour's policy offer, that their voices are heard on important policy platforms like the annual party conference, and that more young people are registered to vote.

We need a shake up of Labour Party structures to give Young Labour members more chance to run their own campaigns. I will enhance labour student groups in Further Education colleges and make sure the Labour Party enhances support to youth LGBT and VAWG campaigns across the country.

And I will make wider changes to make politics more accessible, including a new Labour campaign for votes at 16; A new diversity champion responsible for significantly increasing representation at all levels of the Labour Party from BAME communities, amongst disabled people, and women; holding shadow cabinet meetings in cities and towns across the country to stop politics being so London-focused.

I think we should also make major changed to Parliament and Parliamentary procedure, including introducing electronic voting to deal end late night voting; ending outdated rules that stop parents taking small children through the voting lobby; ending the artificial way of talking in the commons so Parliament sounds less out of date and out of touch (allowing MPs to address each other directly by name, to clap instead of having to say "hear, hear" etc); a freeze or cap on appointments to the House of Lords until democratic reform is started - and a new consultation on moving the House of Lords out of London - for example to Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow or Cardiff.